JEE Main and Advanced Preparation 2023?

JEE Main and Advanced Preparation 2023?

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You should not leave your friends during your IIT JEE preparation because that is not the way to achieving your dream and you will not be benefitted from it but you should consider what types of friends you are with. If your friends are disturbing you and are a hurdle between you and your JEE preparation then you must create some distance from them otherwise there is no need to leave friends.
Remember that your friends will help you on the days when you are demotivated and feeling like giving up.LAST 30 DAYS REVISION STRATEGY FOR JEE MAIN | Live Webinar | Exprto - YouTube
If you are struggling with your JEE preparation then you can try going for a personal IIT JEE Mentorship. One such platform which offers IIT JEE mentorship is Exprto.
On this platform you will be connected to IIT JEE toppers who will guide you and share some tips and tricks which you can apply in your journey of IIT JEE preparation and become a competitive aspirant You will never hear any topper saying that you should leave your friends because your social life will play an important role in your selection of IIT JEE preparation. You are not a machine, you are a human and your brain also needs rest and social stimulus. Therefore keep a balance between your study and your social life

Strategies to Crack the IIT JEE

The various strategies that will help you clear the examination are:

  • Prioritise Class 11 Topics: You should always prioritise the class 11 topics first and systematically focus on them before the IIT JEEs. Talk to your subject teachers and sort out a list from the simplest to the advanced topics.
  • Stop Exploring Multiple Channels and Books: Do not get too involved with too many sources of books and other journals that can confuse your mind. It will only cause overcrowding of information and knowledge.
  • Concentrate on Self Study: Before everything else you want to explore in your studies, devote time to yourself. Give time to your studies and revise regularly. This will help you retain more information. No matter which subject you are studying, make sure to practise every subject yourself. This will clear your concepts.
  • Stay With The Questions Longer: Practise the questions yourself. Do not rush toward the answers or solutions. Instead, be patient with the questions and give ample time to them. Do not look at the answers first; try solving it yourself and give it multiple tries.
  • Avoid Creating New Backlogs: Before creating new backlogs, make sure that you have cleared the old backlogs. Revise the concepts thoroughly. Read about the concepts beforehand to have a list of the topic before it is being taught.
  • Prepare For Boards Side by Side: Do not keep the preparation of your boards aside. Give ample time to your boards as well. Do not create a distinction between your boards and IIT JEE. Approach the concepts so that you are prepared for both examinations thoroughly.
  • Complete Syllabus by October: Since the IIT JEE Mains examination is scheduled for January, you must complete the whole syllabus by October to have sufficient time to revise the 11th and 12th curricula.
  • Do Not Expect Immediate Results: You need to be patient to see the results of your hard work. Stay with your hard work and determination. You will see the results gradually.
  • Enjoy the Process: Make use of your preparation process to learn something new every day. Do not focus on the marks or success but on what every topic teaches you.