Jee preparation 2024

this is December going on i have done almost nill i am aiming to crack jee 2024 with air 100 what the things i should be doing what changes i have to make can anyone guide me what books what strategy shall i use?


U can start ur preperation from today
Just make ur goal and vision clear
Make ur schedule according to ur classes and start doing preperation
Wake up early in the morning and do lots and lots of questions or ur modules
For jee u can join Akash or fitzee

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Why not pw


Pw is also good u can also go for it



HC Verma’s concepts of physics are the most important book for physics because here every type of concepts along with questions are available. IE Irodov, cengage books series, dev mukharjee for MCQs, NCERT, Previous year papers . That’s it.


Again cengage series books are good enough, Hall & Knight’s Higher Algebra, SL loney’s plane trigonometry and coordinate geometry, black book, NCERT and previous year papers. If you have time then you can solve some previous year olympiad questions (like rmo, prmo, imo ).


For chemistry NCERT is the most important book specially for inorganic chemistry. Lots of questions directly came from NCERT texts. Other than NCERT you should opt JD Lee and V.K. Jaiswal’s inorganic chemistry books. For organic you can go with L.G. Wade. For physical chemistry I used only one book that is Narendra Awasthi’s physical chemistry. Previous year papers are also important in chemistry.