Neet tough than jee

Is Neet tougher than JEE?


Hey folk, it’s a very subjective question you are asking to be honest. First of all tough in terms of what we have to understand. If you are asking for toughness in terms of level of questions, then Jee wins the case and if you are asking tough in terms of competition then NEET wins the case. The reason is in Jee around 10 lakh people appear for the examination and out of which around 1-2% of people used to get a seat at IIT and 3-4% are able to get NIT. Now, in neet more than 15 lakh people appear for the examinations and out of which around 8000 people are able to get a government seat.
So we can conclude both the examinations are equally tough and we can’t exactly say toughness like this. It is very subjective!!!

I hope this answer helps.