Neet ug2023.strategy

2 months best strategy… to complete Revision of every chapter :sparkles:

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As you know the last 2-3 months of neet preparation is very crucial and deciding factor for the selection
For best revision you have to focus mainly on theory and question practice instead of video lectures .
Join test series which are based on ncert.
In organic , inorganic chemistry and biology focus mainly on ncert
Prepare short notes and solve previous year questions
Do daily revisions with questions practice of minimum 100-150 questions of each chapter
When I was preparing for neet I joined exprto mentorship sessions
Here mentors guide students how to study so that we can boost up our marks to a maximum level


Timetable-for-NEET-Preparation-in-1-Month-PDF.pdf (56.1 KB)

These must followe u get good marks