Not able to solve

I am not able to solve the JEE questions all by myself. What should I do?


You will not able to solve the JEE question in one day. Before going to problem solving part you need to understand the fundamentals of each subject. Make your own timetable and follow it strictly. Only reading is not sufficient, you need a strategy that will work for you the best. You can connect to IIT JEE toppers or join mentorship by IIT JEE toppers, they can guide you during your preparation in the right way. Start with the basics of every subject. You can start your preparation for physics, chemistry and math with NCERT books. You can follow HC Verma for physics. It contains compact concepts of each topic and lots of examples and practice problems. Then you can refer to other books for advanced levels. For chemistry you can use RC Mukherjee for the physical part, and Himanshu Pandey for organic part. First read the NCERT book for inorganic part 3-4 times then you can use J D Lee for more. For maths try to understand the concepts first, write down the formulas and revise them again and again. You will get lots of application based problems with simple concepts in maths. Then you need to go for lots of practice. Start with simple problems then go for advanced level problems. Practising more will make you able to solve JEE questions.