Organic chem.12

Is it necessary to remember mechanism of organic reactions ??

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-U need not to remember or learn the mechanism bt u have to understand it because without understanding u cannot reach to the answer.
-There are tricks for solving each organic reaction which don’t require understanding the whole reaction bt by understanding the mechanism u can learn that trick properly.
-By understanding mechanism u can learn the tricks not for few days bt it will be printed in your mind permanently.
-At last u just have to remember the tricks only bt when u first study a reaction u must go through the mechanism of it .

  • By understanding the mechanism u can solve many other reaction related to it because it will clear your vision for other reaction also.

Organic chemistry is enough from ncert book? Or some extra need to learn??

-Questions in neet arise mainly from ncert bt there might be chance of questions out of the ncert.

  • neet syllabus is based on ncert not from ncert bt in my drop i read only ncert for organic chemistry
  • if u r studying in any coaching just go through the notes for understanding organic chemistry then switch to ncert in last months.
  • if u r self studying then join exprto mentorship to be guided properly , not only in organic chemistry bt for every subject and doubts.