Physics and chemistry ke Krn Poora 11th Backlog bnnrhaa

Sir Jab 11th Start Hui Thi to lga tha sab Kuch perfect hoga even I joined a online Platform for my prepation . 11th starting me lga tha physics or chemistry me full best dunga or basic shi krte krte Har topics ko strong krunga but Yha June se course start hua or abhi 6 months wste even physics me Avi tk koi question solve nhi or paarhaa hun as well as chemistry :sob::sob::sob: Or Socha ta NEET 2024 1st ateempt me Nikal jygi …or yha B’s backlog or question practice ke tym ek question solve nhi hotel :sob:…11th Waste


Same problem please btado kaise solve kre questions

@Prem2024 @Neha62 see don’t panic. Whenever you are panicing it is doing you no good.

It’s not that easy k app 1 St time m sare questions easily kr loge or Kam time me kr loge. Jb app koi bhi cheej first time m kr rhe ho time to lgega and galat bhi honge questions so don’t be afraid to work hard. Abb jo cheej matter krti h vo h k app log questions kijiye apne class k sath chliye aache se and don’t look back. Abhi to suruaat h abhi se hi stress loge to kya hoga. Questions pakka hoga jb aap baar baar revision kroge kisi bhi cheej ka. So phele baar questions solve kro jo nhi hota mark kro or use revise kro as soon as possible.

Ek source k upar depend rho or use source ko trust krke aage bhdo. I will suggest you both k app exprto pr NEET mentors se mentorship session lijiye. Your prepration will get better and all your problems regarding backlog , revision and syllabus they will help you to tackle them.

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According to me in physics first start with basics like vector basic match ,then go according to the weightage of the chapter,I am sharing some pattern of past papers. |Type of questions|Number of questions asked in NEET|Prep tips|

|Theory oriented/fact-based|15-20|Direct from NCERT|
|Numerical/derivation based|15-20|NCERT based|
|Logical concepts|5-10|Concepts are from NCERT
Application of these concepts|
|Critical concept based questions|5-10|Very difficult questions

**Section A**

The following table brings the topic-wise number and difficulty level of the Physics questions that appeared in Section A.

| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
|SHM & [Waves])|1|0|0|1|
|Modern & electronics|4|3|0|7|

**Section B**

The second section of Physics was dominated by Mechanics and Electrodynamics. The difficulty level of the questions was moderate to tough. The table below brings the topic-wise distribution of questions in terms of difficulty level.

| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
|SHM & [Waves)|0|1|0|1|
|Modern & electronics|1|0|1|2|
|**Total**|**8**|**5**|**2**|**15**|.       After knowing weightage of topics start a plan according to it,the main thing is to have question practice (at least 30-40)daily,have patience if you follow the suggestions you will definitely going to perform well in neet

@Prem2024 @Neha62
Hey guys Himanshu here,
See first of all you need to realise your potential that how much you can study in a day and keep your approach realistic.
The problem with students who enroll in online platforms is that they dont get any guidance, offline coachings have teachers with whom you can interact with and share your problems.
So what you need to do is get a mentor who can tell you what you need to do and what not.
Since you are already enrolled in a coaching I guess you wont have any problem in material and lectures, so we will be using your material throughout the preparation. During the last months of your preparation we will be using handbooks which I will be providing to you if you dont have it till then.
You need to work on your daily schedule, have 6 hours of your self study time apart from coaching hours and try to study 2 subjects only in a day. Studying all 3 in a day can be cumbersome.
Make a habit of regular revision so that you dont forget the topics you already read.
If you are unable to solve questions even after studying then solve solved examples first, then go for basic questions and then pyqs followed by high level questions.
This technique can be used in every subject.
This is just how you can start but you will be needing mentorship at some point of time, so get a mentor.
All the best

Here is how you can deal with Physics and Chemistry

Start by creating a study schedule: Allocate specific hours of the day to studying physics and chemistry, and stick to the schedule.

Master the fundamentals: The basics of physics and chemistry are crucial in understanding the complex topics. Start with understanding the formulas, theories and laws.

Practice problems: Solving problems is the best way to master the subject. Practice as many problems as you can from different books and sources.

Learn from past mistakes: Identify areas where you made mistakes in the past and focus on improving in those areas.

Seek help: If you find a topic difficult, don’t hesitate to seek help from your teacher, tutor, or classmates.

Stay organized: Keep your notes and study materials organized, it will help you revise the concepts easily and avoid missing out on any important topics.

Stay updated with the latest syllabus: NEET changes its syllabus frequently, stay updated with the latest syllabus to avoid backlogs.

Take regular breaks: Taking breaks between study sessions can improve focus and retain the information learned.

Self-assessment: Regularly assess your progress through mock tests and past year papers.

Stay positive: Stay motivated and don’t let setbacks discourage you. Keep pushing yourself to achieve your goal.