Please tell how to cover 11th and 12th in rest of the time

Also tell about the schedule of a day

  1. Make a target that you complete 3 chapters of each subject in a day .
  2. Find out the time that you should waste on other activities and try to minimise all the extra curricular activities time.
  3. You should wake up 5:00 AM and go to bed at 12:00 AM .
  4. Most important follow your schedule strictly.
    I hope this helped you.

Always keep your self motivated , take breaks and spend time with your family and friends

For neet prepration

My dear for Biology Ncert should be your Bible.

For chemistry particularly organic and inorganic ncert should be your Bible

For physical chemistry and physics practice standard modules and ncert all questions whether of chapter end, examples,or in text questions as you have to practice a lot of sums and read theory portion

Try to solve last 10 years MCQ questions.

Before 1 month of exam try giving proper 3 hour mock test like exam so that you can be confident and well versed in your portions

Revise your portions daily by setting targets and give equal weightage to all chapters of class 11 and 12

I followed MTG 34 years pyq

Also take regular breaks,persue your hobbies in free time between.

Sleep well and eat healthy

Good luck :+1: