Plz tell me the statement is correct or not

A unicellular organism carries out its life activities within a single cell

And plz explain this statement

The given statement is true.

In unicellular organisms, all important activities/functions takes place within the cell. We know that, cell is the basic and fundamental unit of life, so essential activities of life takes place within cell.

I hope you understand the concept.


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Sir physical chemistry mein konse chapters ki NCERT READING Krne ki need haiii

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Q :- Should we read NCERT for physical chemistry?
A :- Yes

I) If you have enough time then you should read NCERT of all chapters.
II) But if you have less time then should only (read/understand) go through the solved examples, intext questions and important examples of NCERT.
III) Read NCERT for following chapters:-
(Mostly focused on tables, chart, graphs and examples)
1) Surface chemistry (must read)
2) Solid state (must read)
3) Solution (must read)
4) States of matter (must read)
5) Structure of atom (must read)
6) Electrochemistry (cells and battery part)
7) Chemical kinetics
8) Redox reaction

I hope you (@Rajpoot) got it.

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Thanks alots sir :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

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