Problem solve in jee

How do I develop problem solving skills for the IIT JEE in maths?


For succeeding in IIT JEE exam the key is fast problem solving ability and accurate problem solving ability. If you connect with IIT JEE toppers they can guide you properly on how you can enhance these skills. Make your own strategy that will be effective. Before every preparation, you should be well aware of the whole syllabus. You can follow these tips to develop your problem solving skills for the IIT JEE in maths:
• Before solving analyse the problem. Read the problem carefully and note the given data. Analyse the given data and values in your mind how you can go forward with these.
• Practice on regular basis. Solve different types of problems more and more. Practice is the main key that will give you the accuracy.
• Do write practice tests at given time. If you practice like that, it will help you to solve problems within less time.
• Study the concepts. You will get many application based questions on simple concepts.
• You need to be dedicated. Give more time to this subject then you will be good at this subject and will boost your confidence.
• For good books from which you can practice problems, can consult with IIT JEE toppers or IIT JEE experts.