Ques on jee best topic

. I am in class 9 now. What should I do to crack the JEE?
Ans. It’s good that you have an aim and I am very sure that you will
achieve your goal too.
You are in class 9 right now and after 3 years you will attempt the
JEE exam but we should know that you will only be able to crack
this exam only if you are interested in engineering. If you like maths
physics chemistry and computers then you should go for it but if you
are thinking of taking the exam just because your parents have told
you to do this or because your friends are preparing for it and in
reality you have no self motivation towards it then you must give up
this idea.
Instead focus what one what you like and I guarantee you that if you
will focus on subjects which you love then you are going to be truly
successful later in life. But if you want to be an engineer rhen I will
only give you a little advice.