Revision strategy for neet 2023

How can revision for neet 2023

Physics and chemistry- physics is considered one of the toughest subject for medical aspirants,but very interesting. choose any good book of your convinience, there are plenty of good books as many mentioned already. read the concepts thoroughly,understand them cover to cover, if you have doubts, clear them then and there. solve atleast 300 to 500 questions per chapter, check ,analyse and rectify your mistakes. solve again. the more you solve the merrier.initially you wont be getting many correct answers, but as you keep on doing am sure you will see your score rising. solve previous question papers too

Biology- in neet around 300 marks are from ncert text book itself,thats how it was when i gave my exam, so u need to thorough ncert first and then read any good book of your choice and solve as many questions as you can, always stay calm , cool and confident,hope this helps good luck buddy

These startegy you can follow

• In last days of exam it is not important what you learn new … More important is how many times you revise what you already have studied.

• In NEET mostly questions are based on previous year topics so revise them properly.

•For biology “NCERT” is sufficient.( Each and every point given in NCERT is a potential question for NEET).

•Inorganic and Organic are volatile so revision at frequent times is needed .( Question practice is important but revision>question practice for oraganic and inorganic . I repeat question practice is important.)

• Physical Chemistry and Physics require more question practice ( Question practice>Revision) . However you have to revise theory also as many theoretical questions are also asked in NEET .

I followed one simple formula during NEET preparation: “Number of frequent revision and number of question practice is directly proportional to marks you score in NEET”.

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