.Should I take drop year for JEE 2022?

.Should I take drop year for JEE 2022?

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If you think you can perform better in 2022 and get into IITs or other good colleges which
makes you satisfied, then why not!
So you just need to find out the mistakes you did in 2021. If you are able to find them
and you see a better scope ahead in 2022, then one year is no big deal… Go for it!
Find brilliant teachers (not coaching) whom you can approach easily and ask doubts,
and join a good All India Test Series (with at least 2 tests every month)… This combo
will save you for the best…

See , the answer for your question is depends on you. I will tell few things and decide yourself.

If you take a drop year :

  1. You should never depress about wasting a year.
  2. You should completely focus on preparing JEE.
  3. You aim should not change .
  4. You should not give up in middle.
  5. You should ignore what other thinks about you.