Sir plz help for neetug 2023

How to complete syllabus in 44 days that I will score 550+ in neetug how can I make it happen I will give my 200% please help me…


Hey hii @snehal_lawande

See as you have only 44 days left with you and the competition is very high so here are some tips so that you can do better in upcoming NEET exam

1.Start completing your syllabus and try to complete it as fast as you can.
2. At this point of time focus mainly on the high yield topics as most of the questions will come from those chapters
3.Solve PYQs so that you can get idea about how the questions are asked in exam
4.Stay motivated
5.Focus more on Biology as it covers 360 marks and questions are easy to solve and 99% questions are from NCERT itself
6.For biology read only NCERT and for physics and chemistry you have to also do question practice
7.Make a proper time table and schedule and study accordingly.

You Can also join Exprto as mentors on exprto are really helpful and will help you to solve all your doubts will provide you high yield topics,short notes and other study material and will also help you to make a proper schedule and time table

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for your exam

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  • Start reading from the NCERT textbook of Physics to learn basics and then refer to NEET coaching modules or a book like HC Verma.
  • Absolute clarity in Physics comes from practice. Solve lots of questions. Start from easy questions then go higher up.
  • Practice conceptual problems. Take up problems that relate theoretical Physics to daily life. Your analytical skills will be tested in solving the questions.
  • Be careful about the signs (-ve and +ve) and units while solving Physics problems. Strictly avoid calculation mistakes.
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