Study ke time thoda distraction ho raha study kar raha to bht axe se but jab ruk ja raha tu 1/2 tak ruk ja raha

love you tarun sir abhi aapaka support chahiye ham log bhi aapka support kar rahe


kaise use karte hai bol do

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Panic nhi hona hai , be calm
If you don’t feel like studying, do whatever distracts you first. In the beginning, don’t study for long hours at a time. Study in some time slot and then take a break. First start studying that subject which you like And daily, Keep some topic that you have to complete it today, this will keep you motivated and you will be able to do better.
Please do it for some days , you will feel better trust me


You have to control this stuff … See one thing is if you are not able to focus after a little bit of time take a break of 5 mins but in that 5 mins you don’t have to touch your phone or any thing that is not related to your studies… The main distraction is phone itself don’t use it now…

Remember if you don’t sacrifice for your dream your dream will become a sacrifice…

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Can you help me,
I am facing problem to join sankalp telegram group ( made by tarun sir) . It show that i can Only get joined in this group by admins approval. I am trying from tomorrow yo get joine by sending request , but did not joined in any sankalp selection ka group.
Do you help me please​:pray::pray::pray: