The best way to prepare for JEE maths?

What is the best way to prepare for JEE maths?


Preparing for IIT JEE maths you must understand that you cannot simply rely just
on a single book . Maths is the toughest paper of IIT JEE therefore maths needs practice.
One of the most famous and relevant book which need to practice with you heart is “The
First Step IIT JEE Mathematics” by Amit M Agarwal
NCERT holds 8.9 % weightage in IIT JEE exams . Therefore, you need to understand that
preparing for maths NCERT is good but you can just work well only with NCERT.
Let’s talk first about books for JEE Mains.
The first one is RD Sharma (objective)
RD Sharma is a very good book for preparation of IIT JEE. RD Sharma publishers to
variants of mathematics books theoretical and objective you must keep in mind that you
need to study from objective one.
The second book is " Problems in IIT JEE"by Das Gupta. It is a very good book which will
help you to improve your way of understanding and solving problems.
After solving these books you need to focus on solving as many past year question papers
as possible keeping in mind your current attempt syllabus. I would recommend you to read
the Oswaal JEE mains past year question papers.
You can also take 'Work to play with graphs ’ by Amit M Agarwal . This will act like adding
Cherry on cake for the preparation of your IIT JEE maths.