Trick of phylum annelida!

:sparkle: PHYLUM - ANNELIDA :sparkle:

:point_right:Free living found in moist soil (Terristrial), fresh water or marine but few are parasite.

:point_right:Body is soft elongated, cylindrical and divided into segments or metameres by ring like grooves called Annuli.

:point_right:They are bilaterally symmetrical, triploblastic and have organ system level of organisation with tube within tube body plan.

:point_right: They are metamerically segmented and coelomate animals.

:point_right: Circulatory system is closed type

:point_right:.Excretory organ is Nephridia (sing. nephridium). They also help in osmoregulation

:point_right:Nervous system consists of a nerve ring (Brain) and a solid, double and ventral nerve cord with ganglia.

:point_right:Reproduction is sexual,Nereis is dioecious but earthworms and leeches are monoecious.