What are the best motivating story of IIT-JEE preparations?

What are the best motivating story of IIT-JEE preparations?


If you want to know motivating sorties and success stories of IIT JEE preparation then you should connect with IIT JEE toppers, they will share their success stories with you. From them you will know about their preparation strategy how they keep themselves motivated throughout the journey.


I would like to share my Preparation story with you. In class 11 I started my JEE Preparation but I haven’t joined a Coaching Classes, I decided to stay at my home and prepare for IIT JEE. In 2019 I have given JEE Exam, I scored good marks but not qualified the mathematics Cutoff. I actually hate JEE Mathematics. After that all my relatives and friends suggested me to take drop and prepare in Kota. So I went Kota there I enjoyed a lot and made lots of Interesting Friends, the only thing I haven’t done in Kota is Study. After that Lockdown happened and I have to get back at my hometown. And then I came into Reality and I know in this way I am not able to Clear JEE. But I found a good mentor who guide me and in the last month all I did is study, study and study and finally I cleared IIT JEE in Year 2020. If you want more such motivational story you can check here.

If anyone else has such motivating story you can share yours here.