What are your takes from the NEET 2022 questionn paper?

What are your takes from the NEET 2022 question paper?

Rather than the NEET 2020 and 2019 paper …neet 2k21 nd 2k22 paper teaches a lot …from these 2 papers i would say nta has changed their motive of assessment…
My take ins are…
NTA has now a motive of giving lengthy questions now also they are giving extra 20 min so they will make lengthy paper and do practice lengthy paper.
Don’t expect straight forward questions in biology they are giving smart tricky time consuming questions ( from ncert) the trick of solving them is smart work
Next I would say prepare chemistry and physics in such a level that you can solve a moderate and lengthy paper because this year physics is easy but Last year it was difficult and just opposite in case of chemistry.
At last do practice more assertion reason type questions & more statement based questions.

You can do that from previous aiims question papers. And read NCERT thoroughly for all subjects.

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