What not to do before NEET exam?

  1. Avoid procrastination and make a study plan to stay on track with your preparation.
  2. Take care of your physical and mental health by getting enough exercise, sleep, and eating well.
  3. Don’t rely on last-minute cramming, practice and revision is the key.
  4. Avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on your own progress.
  5. Set realistic goals and work consistently towards them.
  6. Avoid neglecting the important topics or concepts that you need to master.
  7. Don’t get stressed, find ways to relax and stay calm.
  8. Avoid studying in the last minute, plan your studies well in advance.
  9. Don’t take too much pressure or get nervous, stay positive and confident.
  10. Avoid over-reliance on coaching institutes, self-study is equally important.


  • Don’t panic revise. You can’t really do the entire syllabus in one night. So while saving some sleep,just revise the bits you tend to forget often. (I revised inorganic chemistry)
  • Don’t overthink the consequences of the exam as you can’t really say anything even before writing the exam. You’ll only be sacrificing your sleep to the monsters of overthinking for nothing.
  • Optional: Don’t talk to a fellow aspirant a day before as their preparation and confidence (or in some cases,over confidence). I only spoke to one friend who I fully trusted. Again,this point can be biased.
  • Finally, don’t forget that your worth isn’t fully decided by the result of this exam rather by the time,effort and dedication you’ve put in. Remember,your loved ones won’t stop loving you if you don’t crack the exam. It’s not your entire life. It’s only a part your life.

All the best

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I want to reply share my experience and learning during preparation in the form of short topics
Do’s (A Day before Examination)

  1. Checking the center of the examination center is crucial as its helps avoid last moment rush before the examination.
  2. Ensure yourself of the correct examination center just in case the name of your examination center is common. it would produce issues right at the last moment. therefore be extremely careful.
  3. Revise vital formulas and short notes.
  4. Have trust in you and keep patience.
  5. Eat right and balanced meals.
  6. Work out to remain healthy.
  7. Sleep well.

Don’ts (A Day before Examination)

  1. Don’t get nervous while preparing for the examination.
  2. Don’t lose faith in you.
  3. Don’t attempt anything new.
  4. Don’t neglect your health.
  5. Don’t hit the sack late.
  6. Don’t skip meals to spend more time on preparation for the big day tomorrow.
  7. Don’t oversleep.

Don’ts ::

Don’t leave studying at the last minute.
Don’t panic or stress yourself too much.
Don’t try to study new topics or subjects before the exam.
Don’t skip meals or compromise on sleep.
Don’t ignore your health or physical well-being.
Don’t waste time on social media or other distractions.
Don’t compare yourself to others or get demotivated.
Don’t listen to rumors or misinformation.
Don’t ignore the instructions given in the exam.
Don’t forget to take necessary documents and admit card to the exam center.
Keep doing your best :100: