What should be the approach to study physics ncert

Please guide me, or provide me some short notes of physics to have idea

Physics is the one subject where most of the NEET aspirants stuck.

Unlike chemistry, physics is relatively straightforward and the syllabus is well defined but still it causes a significant amount of hassel.

The main reason that it haunts you in NEET is the method to study physics is fundamentally different from the other 2 subjects but you try to study it just like the other 2.

Understanding the differences in Physics
Physics is a subject that “explains" natural phenomena, once you start to study physics you get to know more about this world and the reasoning behind the natural phenomena.

You can’t just “memorize" some formulae and solve questions and become good at physics.

One physics chapter takes more time to complete than a biology chapter

BUT, one physics chapter needs very few revisions compared to a biology one.

Most common problems students face —
Here are the steps that everyone probably follows in physics —

You attend a lecture with a great deal of attention, but you don’t understand everything there.
You come home and study from notes, memorize the formulae and solve the questions given in homework
This process continues till the chapter ends in class.
Once the chapter ends, you solve questions from exercise and ask your doubts and get them solved.
Again when you revise the chapter after some time, you either study the notes and solve questions in them or just solve the exercise questions or both.