What should the timetable of a class 11 student be when preparing for the NEET?

What should the timetable of a class 11 student be when preparing for the NEET?


Well, if you all are really thinking of starting your NEET preparations from 11th standard, then you all are going to top in the NEET exam. Trust me, these are very big words, and I really mean it.
Making a time table and following it from now, is not an easy task, it is going to be really tough. But don’t worry, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Now, making a hardcore time table will lead to depression and regret, because you will not be able to follow it longer, and a duration of two years is a big journey. So, your time table should be 1000% practical and effective.
Now, i want to break some myths and clear some confusions- NEET is easy- i know, i am currently preparing for NEET but still, I can assure you that it is easy. Many people will say that lakhs of
students appear each year and the seats are very few, so the competition is insanely tough, trust me it’s not! This is the fact, out of supposed 12 lakhs candidates, 6 lakhs are just giving the exam for
fun, lakhs of remaining will just qualify the exam with just 100 to 200 marks, so yeah, competition is not very high! Why? Because, there is a huge difference in saying and doing the thing, and you are
going to do it. Please don’t follow a strict and rigorous schedule, you will not be able to follow it, and finally you will give up joining a branded coaching is not at all required. You can do it yourself. If you have already joined, no worries! But if you haven’t, then also, no worries! Just take the help of a senior, or any local teacher, who can make you understand the topic, who can help you with your sums, that’s it!
Now, here is your quite simple schedule-
Just go with your school, nothing else. Do as much as is taught in school daily with a good book, and as soon as the chapter is completed in school, do 100 to 200 mcqs and you are all set. Revise the completed chapter weekly to strengthen your memory. And then, after your 12th boards, you will have slightly more than 1 month of time left to revise it all once again and do as many mock tests as
possible. Trust me, and follow this schedule. This seems very easy but it’s not! Just do this for a few weeks and you will feel really confident and happy. And, if you will be able to follow this till 2 years, I can assure you a top rank in the upcoming NEET. If you want guidance and help to clear NEET 2023, then I would recommend you to take a NEET mentorship program where the recent NEET toppers will be available to you on call and will guide you, tell you tips and tricks so that you have a smooth journey throughout your preparation and be ahead of other competitors. The best platform for such mentorship
programs is EXPRTO. Just go to the website, enroll yourself and book a session to receive the guidance from recent NEET Toppers.
That’s all you have to do to start and continue your preparation for NEET 2023.


If you are in 11th and started for prepration of NEET UG it’s a plus point that you have plenty of time to top the exam. You just have to focus on subject and learn concepts. Practice as much as you can. And also pls try to join a nonattending School also called as dummy school to boost up. Join any offline cotching for better result in NEET UG. You can also join online if you can handle Digital memory. We usually forget the things we study on mobile and tabs.
To keep record on your performance select mentorship of your choice to guide you any time you need…