What to do for cracking jee I am in 12 th class

Please tell me some strategy to cover 11 th class physics


hello, physics of class 11 plays a very important role in building your strong foundation for class 12 physics so my suggestion for you will be to go for completing the heat and thermodynamics and kinematics part first and then you can go for newton’s law of motion and then work power energy and then other chapters if time is not there in your hand
for covering all these topics you can go to youtube and search for its one shot and if time is there then you can go for physics galaxy books for heat thermo and mechanics there you will get an extensive idea for the application of topic and i will also recommend you to watch the revision checklist of ashish arora sir on his channel physics galaxy on youtube for extensive and quick revision . I guess by completing all these topics and practicing some previous year questions you will be good to go with other topics like waves ,sound and rigid body dynamics.
All the best for your preparation

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