Which books should I follow to get at least 250-300 in the JEE Mains

Which books should I follow to get at least 250-300 in the JEE Mains?

Starting with Physics my sir always wanted our class to focus on H.C.VERMA because he said if you can solve every single question of H.C.VERMA you can attempt the complete physics paper of JEE Mains. H. C. Verma has covered every single concept and is referred as the ‘Bible for JEE aspirants’. So stick to it.
I followed N. Avasthi for physical chemistry. Because it has a wide range of applications and tricky questions that are difficult to increase with level 1,2,3. Sir, we strongly recommend you to solve it completely.
For Inorganic Chemistry I followed NCERT and V.K.Jaiswal. This is because deep questions are not asked in this part of chemistry as it is completely memory based.

For organic chemistry, our master made us follow M.S.Chouhan avidly because this book has very few errors and has a large number of exceptions on which questions are asked and of course we also followed NCERT for organic chemistry.
There are many books in the market for mathematics. Every book has lots of questions. We generally follow Cengage Series and question banks given to us by our teachers. Arihant’s book is also quite good.
Not everyone may be comfortable with these books as everyone has their own ways. So these are just ideal references. But if you are not satisfied with the solution of these books, change them immediately.

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