Which topic in organic chemistry is toughest

Which topic in organic chemistry is toughest in the IIT-JEE?


In organic chemistry oxygen-containing compounds, Nitrogen-containing compounds and halides are considered the toughest part. You will study lots of reactions, and mechanisms in this part. This part will take more time not only for understanding but also because the syllabus is huge. But do not panic. Do not skip any topic. Try to complete all the chapters as soon as possible so that you will get more time for revision. Start with fundamentals, clear your basics. Then go for advanced level. Try to understand properly how the reactions are happening , what is the mechanisms and concepts behind it. While learning write down the reactions , mechanisms and exceptions. It is very important to understand the mechanisms very well. If you consult with IIT JEE toppers they will tell you how important this topic is . Many questions are asked in the exam based on mechanisms. Give more time, study a lot and revise them frequently. Try to solve more and more practice tests. These will make toughest things easier.