Why am I consistently scoring poor marks in class 11 JEE coaching center exams

Why am I consistently scoring poor marks in class 11 JEE coaching center exams?

Consider it as normal. Many get trapped into such a situation and think that they cannot crack JEE but it’s just an untrue and false conclusion.
The fact is, whenever a candidate enters from 10th to 11th there is a huge gap in difficulty level and it seems too difficult initially for him/her. But please don’t start doubting yourself and also don’t compare your marks with others. You can fill that huge gap as the time passes and by regularly putting in efforts. Until then, carry on with your hard work.
Focus more on concept building rather than formula learning methods. Develop a habit of analyzing your test paper and get your doubt cleared as quickly as possible because if not then things will pile up and it will not seem feasible for you to handle that workload.
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1. Analyze your tests to learn from your mistakes

Take a look at each test and assess if there’s anything you can do to improve your score. The purpose of the periodic tests in coaching is to make you realize your mistakes and not to repeat them in the upcoming tests.

Did you miss a crucial step that you forgot to remember? Could you solve any question for a better result? If you correct those mistakes, would you get the solution? Every step counts so figure out what you can do to maximize your score in the next test. It might be easier than you think.

Find your mistakes (they can be silly ones) and keep a note of them. Next time when you appear for a test, don’t repeat the same mistakes.

2. Talk to your teacher about your problems/ doubts/ weak areas

Teachers love students who are proactive and ask questions. Talk to them about the things you didn’t understand while solving the test. They will tell you whether you need to work on your concepts, the theory part, or need more practice to solve specific types of problems.

Have a voice in the classroom (or after the class when the teacher opens the session for questions). It never hurts to ask your doubts!

If you are doing self-study , take help from mentor