Will I score under a j1,000 rank in the JEE in a year?

Will I score under a 1,000 rank in the JEE in a year?


One year is sufficient time for good preparation of IIT JEE. Do not worry. IITJEE is not a impossible exam. You can secure a good rank in IIT JEE with proper preparation. First you need to mug up the concepts. If you do not know the concept behind the question, you will not able to solve it. If you find yourself facing difficulties to solve tough questions and you are taking so much time then you should start solving more questions that are less difficult or easier. To be perfect at any subject you need lots of practice. More practice will get you the ability to solve tough questions in less time . Practice will improve your analytical and problem solving skills. After solving problems analysing the questions are most important things. If you can not attempt any question or give wrong answers then pay more attention to these questions and revise them frequently. Be confident, and never get nervous to see a long question. They might seem difficult but with practice you will be able to solve these questions in a few minutes. Do not skip any topics even if it seems easier to you. Cover all the topics. During your preparation mentorship by IIT JEE toppers will improve your level of question solving. Try to connect with JEE toppers and talk to them. Take suggestions from JEE mentors, they will give you tips and tricks that will make your preparation more effective and you can clear all your doubts.