Will preparing for IIT-JEE by dropping one year after 12 is a good idea?

Will preparing for IIT-JEE by dropping one year after 12 is
a good idea?j


Before starting, if you are fresher you should take a small
mentorship from the Exprto rankers JEE mentorship program.
There you will get to connect with recent JEE toppers who will give
guidance on how to prepare, which resources to use and many more
First of all I will ask a question to you: why do you want to take a
drop? Has anybody told you to take a drop or you think that after a
drop you can do better.
I will give you some conditions in which you can take a drop(don’t
take it lightly).
If you have cracked JEE mains this year with a score above 90
percentile. In this case you can take a drop (your concepts must be
clear approx 75%). Focus on practice questions and if you doubt in
any concept then clear it and one more thing is that don’t try to do a
complex topic (first time) before 1 or 2 months of exam.
You just make a plan after 12th to make career in engineering. In
this case if your concept is not clear don’t try to cover whole
syllabus. What you have done in class 11th and 12th make them
more clear and practice more questions. And choose scoring topics
from the syllabus (ex- modern physics,boolean expression, period
table. These are scoring chapters)