1 shot video best for clear backlogs..... plz suggest me 😪

I want some advices about my backlogs and my preparation
… I have infinite backlogs due to which I’m fuse what I learn… Sir agar main jis chapter ka backlog hai uss chapter ko 1 shot vide se dekh krr pura karlo … Aur uss chapter ko NCERT se bhi read kar k backlog + sllybus dono complete kar lo toh best rhega ya coching se lacture pura karo

Plz yrrr koi help krdo

One shot videos are only for revision. You should try to make your complete notes of your institution only. Follow your institution whole heartedly and don’t go for extra stuff. Practice questions given in your modules plus dpp plus mock tests.

Don’t get confused and don’t panic. It won’t make your work easy. Don’t overthink and start doing your stuff.

If you are in 11th then you can go for your NCERT reading but if you are a dropper don’t go for NCERT. If you have done NCERT previously then you can go for revision but don’t do new stuff now.

Find extra time for backlog completion beside your daily task. Complete your current/todays task. Don’t create backlog to complete backlog and follow the guidence given by your mentor.