About aakash test series score

How much can be scored in the neet if your scoring btw 500-600 in aakash test series

Hii @Gouthami2112
You need to do work a little hard as you are scoring 500-600 in aakash test series you can score a little bit more in main exam as mock test series questions are a little bit of tough then the main exam questions.
But also depend on your luck in main exam and your presence of mind.

As you are scoring pretty good you can increase your score in these last 3 months
Here are the tips to increase your score :

  1. revise frequently
    2.focus on NCERT in last 3 months mainly for biology, inorganic and organic chemistry
    3.Do a lot more question practice
    4.Revise formulas daily
  2. Solve more mock tests and analyse your mistakes
  3. See where you are you missing and try to improve them
  4. Be calm while solving test
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See you have to score in the any test series, may it is of aakash, Allen or any other institute.The marks you score are same or somewhat less or more about 15-20 marks.

The regular test giving will make you habitual with the test environment. As It is very difficult to directly sir for 3 hours in final exam without practice.

As practice makes man perfect. So i recommend you to please give as much tests as possible.

Before test do revision. To score better.

So not get demotivate if you are scoring low, this is not your final exam but yes try to improve you score. As what you are scoring here will be same you score in Neet.

Don’t fear of test. Be always ready.

All the best

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