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  1. Stick to Your Strengths

A common mistake that students make during the last leg of their [JEE preparation] is opting for new topics, which they have not studied previously. Doing so will inevitably hamper the final preparation.

Therefore, if a student is wondering “how to crack JEE Main in 7 days”, the smart thing to do here is to stick to the topics he/she has already covered and practise them well. Furthermore, one should focus more on the basic concepts and revise vital formulae and theories to improve their preparation.

Students should also remember to analyse their preparation during this period to find out the topics where they are falling behind. However, they should not devote too much time on a topic as well.

  1. Practice Sample Papers

The best way to revise for JEE Main in the last week is by solving sample papers. [JEE Mock tests] help students to evaluate their preparations; it portrays their strengths and weaknesses.

Since the exam pattern for [JEE] has changed since 2020, students must look for relevant practice sets to gain familiarity with the new format. Additionally, they should try to solve as many of such practice papers as possible to understand their mistakes. Initially, students can stop worrying about time and focus on answering the questions correctly. Once they are accustomed to the exam pattern and type of questions, students can then focus on completing the paper within the allotted time.

  1. Planning is Imperative

Another vital last week’s preparation tip for JEE Main includes proper planning since without that it is difficult to clear an entrance exam like this one. To ensure the efficiency of their plan, students can keep an eye out for the following pointers:

  • Select the section among Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to attempt first.
  • Figure out the tricky section or the section that a student finds difficult to manage.
  • Understand the most time-consuming section.
  • Lastly, comprehend the section that will help students to score better marks.

Once a student has understood these pointers, they can then start solving practice papers accordingly. This strategy will enable students to answer quickly during their final exam.

  1. Stop Putting Additional Pressure on Yourself

When students wonder how to prepare for JEE Main in 1 week, they often put additional pressure on themselves. This pressure never works in favour of them; instead, it hampers their final preparation. Therefore, students should not bow down to it; instead, they should keep faith in their hard work.

Students should also take comfort in the fact that they can appear for JEE Main for six times within a span of three consecutive years. Hence, they always have another chance to qualify.

  1. Trust Your Notes

During this last leg of preparation, notes are an efficient way of revision. The purpose of doing this is to stop going through additional materials in the books and only read the important points.

Moreover, these notes help students to sharpen their memory, and going through these notes will save them from wasting more time on finding details from the book. In case they do not have any notes or did not keep notes, they can resort to the highlighted sections in their book.

  1. Taking Care of Your Health

While thinking about how to prepare for JEE Main in 1 week, students often miss out on a crucial fact, which is their health. The pressure that students go through during these last few days is immense. They often lose sleep or do not eat properly, which ultimately affects their health.

Therefore, students must prioritise their health and personal well-being in the last few days before the exam.

  1. Stay Away From Distractions

The biggest distraction for students nowadays is their mobile phones and other gadgets. Those can harm students significantly in these last few days of the exam if they cannot distance themselves from these devices.