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How can I prepare for physics, chem, biology ink 5months. Can I crack the neet #neet-ug:neet-2023 #neet-ug #Akansha_karnwal

Yes u can crack neet in just 5 months with determined mind and mentorship from us
Ur mentor will make schedule and study plan for u
So try to take one to one session for all the plannings to crack neet


Yaa you can surely prepare for exam in 5 months all you have to do is focus on the important topics that are scoring and have the most chances to come in the exam you have to cover that topic first and stick to NCERT as 95% of questions are from NCERT itself.If you are able to manage only NCERT no one can stop you from getting government medical College.Make a time table follow it with full discipline and determination…And what else you need is a good mentor who can guide you through right path make a proper time table for you and tell you the important topics so that you can do well in your exam
All the best☺️

The NEET qualifying percentile score has remained the same as the last year. The cut off marks for NEET 2022 is 50% marks for general category, 45% marks for PH candidates and 40% for candidates from the reserved category

NEET Study Plan: NEET Exam is one of the most difficult medical entrance exams in India for which lakhs of students appear every year. But there are very few who are able to crack NEET and secure a seat in their desired medical colleges. Keeping the level of competition in mind, a NEET aspirant should be prepared in advance if he/she truly wants to score well. Whether you’re a class 11th student who’s just starting the NEET journey or a 12th student who’s going to appear for the NEET exams, you all seriously need to buckle up.

|Exam sections|Physics|35 + 15 questions|
|Chemistry|35 + 15 questions|
|Botany|35 + 15 questions|
|Zoology|35 + 15 questions|

|Correct response|+4 marks|
|Incorrect response|-1 mark|
|No response marked|0 mark|
|Answer with more than one response marked|-1 mark|

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How i want to divide my time for preparation of neet

Yeah definitely you can . But you will have to be veryselective for your staretegy .
First of all limit the rescource whatever you have .
Just do module of your coaching and do them multiple times .
Focus on concpet understanding,
Attend the lecture with high focus and for better understanding of that you have to practice questions regarding the topic .
For bio you have to be around only ncert .
Read multiple times .
Do active reading ,
Mean ? What ever you will read first you should keep in mind what m i going to read .
What is the imp of this topic , how it works , what are the anomaly .
For chem multiple time revision with short notes .
Make short notes when you read that chapter 3rd or 4th time so that the conclusion of this chapter can be written .

In physics you have to practice more and more ques .