After taking lots of efforts score doesn't increase what to do?

After taking lots of efforts score doesn’t increase

First of all don’t be hopeless and don’t loose your motivation :muscle: Stay hydrated
Try to analyse your mistakes why you are not scoring even after giving efforts analyse your mock test papers and see whether you are doing silly mistakes,or you don’t know the topic or you have read but due to lack of revision you are not able to solve the question because at last our main motive is to solve the questions correctly and after that prepare accordingly learn from your mistakes do not repeat silly mistakes and try to avoid them. Challenge yourself that you will score more than your last test.Revise topics again and again even after that you are not able to do things properly than welcome to exprto mentors here will guide you and help you analyse your mistake and help you to workout your fears…

All the best👍

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How I complete my backlogs
I have 30 chapters pending…that’s a very big burden on me …


First of all don’t panic it will complete all you need is to do a little more hard work
Make a proper schedule and first complete chapters that are more important and have more weightage in exam and solve PYQs of those chapters as you don’t have much time so solve first PYQs only and after that if you have time then you can do further more questions. And this is the time to do smart work with hardwork.
And time to time revise things so that you don’t forget them. Complete your topics till March so that you can revise in last one month and solve mock tests