Are IITs worth the JEE preparation?

The answer to your question is YES.
Why I am saying this is because of the points mentioned below-
First of all, You get to study with some of the brilliant minds of the country which actually help in
developing you further academically and intellectually.
You get to study in some of the premier institutes like IITs, NITs, IIITs, IISERs. When you tell
someone that you study in the above-mentioned colleges, it creates a sense of pride and
respect as everyone knows that it is not easy to get into these colleges.
You get many opportunities to shape your career in any field be it a startup, placements,
business etc as these institutes have an excellent alumni base.
If you want an education loan then there are very high chances you will get it as banks trust
these tags.
You actually tend to understand the importance of hard work in your life that helps you in future
and helps you get accustomed to pressure handling.
At last, it will help you save some lakhs of your parents as fees of govt. institutes are way less
as compared to private colleges


this will my question I wanted to ask ?