Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Main

Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Main?


NCERT is the best book for JEE mains preparation.
Mathematics: NCERT explains every theorem and concept very
precisely. Sometimes you find that NCERT is more informative for a
particular topic than any other book like Arihant or Das Gupta.
As when I studied it I found geometry topics very interesting in
NCERT. Yes sometimes you will find NCERT is easier but
considering JEE mains NCERT is best!
If you study well you can easily score 90+ in maths. :slight_smile:
Physics: For physics concepts, NCERT is a good choice. I strongly
recommend you to solve the supplementary questions given at the
end of each chapter.
But yes, you will have to practice more MCQ type questions from
elsewhere but you can go for NCERT when it comes to concept.
Trust me if you can solve all theory questions (may be around 20-30)
you can easily score 75+ in JEE mains.
Chemistry: Ah, my favorite subject!

Physical Chemistry: For this section it is same as physics, I mean
concepts, you can refer it but you will have to practice MCQs from
elsewhere, I will suggest you to try MCQs from some institute study
pack (FIITJEE or aakash ).
Inorganic Chemistry: For Inorganic section follow NCERT blindly
without any questions. NCERT gives you perfect knowledge which
is required for JEE mains. Please don’t follow any other book
(especially O.P.Tondon) you will be more and more confused if you
read from other books. Attempt MCQs from other books but read
only from NCERT. The entire post will be completely based on
NCERT syllabus only.
Organic Chemistry: For organic chemistry I think NCERT
sometimes lacks reasons for specific reactions!
For this, I will recommend you to follow your mentor’s notes. I
followed my mentor’s notes for 2 years. Solve questions from
NCERT also read from here. But for this section you will have to
practice more and more, you can go to Himanshu Pamdey for MCQ
practice! I think you can easily score 80+ in chemistry by referring