Backlog kaiser complete kree

I am currently in class 11. and now its ending time for my 11 th class. i am Neet 2024 aspirant .i have backlogs of 5-6 chapters in each subjects - phy, chem,Bio . i want to know how to prepare from now ?? can i do it from now ?? perfect plan for this ?? time table for this??


Backlog meaning itself is that it gonna follow you for a long while. The best trick to clear backlog is don’t ever and never skip today’s class or work for completing back log if you do so you are just doubling your back log so complete the work on the day it self. Find extra time for that work and slowly it will be completed. Don’t waste Holidays and weekends just do that backlog. Also make a schedule by yourself or ask your mentor to make you a schedule for this thing…


Sir mai 2023 me neet dunga sir mera bohot backlog ho gya to mai kaise clear koru…:pensive:

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Check this post, all things are explained well.
If still you have any doubt, then you can ask me.