Best book for problems in inorganic chemistry for IIT JEE?

Which book is best for problems in inorganic chemistry for IIT JEE?

Inorganic chemistry needs memory power with an understanding of concepts. You can connect with IIT JEE toppers they can guide you properly on what strategy should follow to remember the things. You can follow the books that are suggested by many of the JEE toppers or IIT JEE experts:
• J D Lee
• Concise Inorganic Chemistry
• OP Tandon
• Cengage Inorganic Chemistry
But it is really difficult to remember all the books understanding the concepts. So start your inorganic journey with NCERT books. Study line by line. Revise it 4 to 5 times. You will get many exceptional problems in inorganic chemistry. While studying make short notes according and revise them frequently. Visit the link to get related answers: