Best Books for JEE

The Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination ( IIT JEE Exam ) is one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in India. Aspiring engineers prepare tirelessly to crack this exam and secure a seat in their dream IIT. To succeed in this rigorous endeavor, proper guidance and study material are paramount. In this blog, we present a curated list of the best books for the IIT JEE exam, carefully selected to help you IIT-JEE Preparing efficiently and effectively without breaking the bank.

Physics for IIT-JEE" by Resnick, Halliday, and Walker:

This classic textbook covers essential physics concepts required for the IIT JEE exam. The book is filled with detailed explanations and a vast array of problems to solve. It is an excellent resource for developing a strong foundation in physics and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Organic Chemistry" by O.P. Tandon:

Organic Chemistry can be a challenging subject for many JEE aspirants. This book simplifies complex concepts and mechanisms, making it easier to grasp the subject. It contains numerous practice problems, helping students build proficiency in organic chemistry.

Mathematics for IIT-JEE" by R.D. Sharma:

A favorite among JEE aspirants, R.D. Sharma’s book covers a wide range of mathematical concepts with a focus on problem-solving. The book is designed to help students improve their speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems, crucial for the time-sensitive JEE exam.

Problems in General Physics" by I.E. Irodov:

This book is renowned for its challenging problems in physics, perfect for JEE aspirants seeking to excel in the subject. It not only tests your understanding of the subject but also enhances your ability to think critically and apply theoretical concepts to practical scenarios.

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations" by R.C. Mukherjee:

Chemistry numericals can be intimidating, but this book simplifies the process by providing a step-by-step approach to solving chemical problems. It includes a diverse range of questions that align with the JEE syllabus, aiding students in mastering the numerical aspect of chemistry.

Mathematics for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Trigonometry" by G. Tewani:

Trigonometry is a vital topic for the JEE exam, and this book offers comprehensive coverage of the subject. It provides a detailed explanation of concepts and includes various types of questions to ensure a thorough understanding.

Concepts of Physics" by H.C. Verma:

Another highly recommended physics book, H.C. Verma’s work, presents physics concepts in an engaging and approachable manner. It includes a wide range of problems and exercises that are in line with the JEE exam pattern, making it an indispensable resource.

A Master Resource Book in Mathematics for JEE Main" by Prafull K. Agarwal:

This book is tailored explicitly for JEE Main preparation. It focuses on the core mathematical concepts required for the exam and offers ample practice exercises to reinforce learning. It also includes previous years’ JEE Main questions for better exam understanding.


Preparing for the IIT JEE exam is undoubtedly a challenging journey, but with the right resources and dedication, success is well within reach. The books listed above have been carefully selected to help you build a strong foundation and excel in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Combine these excellent study materials with discipline, consistency, and the Exprto mentorship plan for personalized guidance, and you’ll be on your way to engineering triumph in the JEE exam 2024. Best of luck on your journey to an illustrious engineering career!