Best online lectures for the IIT-JEE Physics

What are the best online lectures for the IIT-JEE Physics?


Good online video lectures are useful to understand the concepts. You can watch them anytime anywhere. If you are not able to understand one problem then you can rebind the particular video how much time you want. There are many Youtube channels that you can follow such as

Vedantu : It is good for quick revision of the concepts.

Unacademy JEE: From this channel you can get videos related to every topic. They also take live classes daily.

Kalpit Venereal

Aman Dhatterwal

Allen Jaipur

You can also follow NV sir Lecture, Physics wallah, Physics galaxy by Ashish Arora. You can visit the link to get information on which Youtube channels are good material and practice sets that will also help you during your preparation. If you join any rankers JEE mentorship program, JEE toppers can help you suggesting which courses will be beneficial for you. Animated video lectures are very helpful to visualise the concepts.