Best way to learn all the reactions in organic chemistry

What is the best way to learn all the reactions in organic chemistry for IIT JEE?


If possible then connect with IIT JEE toppers, they can guide you in a proper way on what would be the best strategy to learn all the reactions. It will improve your preparation strategy. You can follow the tips for your preparation of organic chemistry:

Study the fundamentals. Make sure you have no doubts about fundamental concepts. That will help you to understand the mechanisms and reactions. You can start your preparation with NCERT books.

Go through Previous years question papers. You will get an idea of which are the more important and what type of questions are asked.

While studying write down the reactions and mechanisms. And revise them again and again. Do not mug them blindly. Try to understand the concepts of how it is happening

Do not be afraid of difficult problems. Try to solve more problems of same type and analyse them. Last, you need more and more practice.