Best way to study

  1. What is the best way to prepare for JEE maths?

It would be better if you talk to someone who already cracked JEE exam. During your preparation, if you get mentorship by JEE toppers that would be the best thing for you. They can appropriately guide you on what books you should follow and what should be the right strategy to follow.
You can start your math preparation with Algebra. It is one of the most interesting and easy topics and you can obtain a good score easily in the JEE examination. Good understanding of concepts and practice is sufficient to score a good marks. You have to cover the following topics in algebra:
• Permutation and Combination
• Complex Numbers
• Differential Equations
• Quadratic Equations and Expressions
• Sets, Relations and Functions
• Progressions and Series
• Matrices and Determinants
• Binomial Theorem
• Probability
Calculus is a very important topic for JEE examination. You have to cover its two sections: Differential and Integral Calculus. This topic can take a lot of time to prepare including fundamental concepts. During your first stage, you need lots of practice and revision.
Coordinate Geometry is the most scorable subject in maths. If you understand the concept more than memorizing, you can easily secure full marks on this topic. Not only for this topic, understanding is the main key for securing a good score. If you look at previous years’ questions, lots of questions are asked from this topic. Mainly focus on the topics of Straight lines and circles. A JEE topper can guide you properly in which topics you need to emphasise more.
In Trigonometry studying fundamentals you will get lots of formulas. It would be better if you make a math notebook to write down all formulas. You can revise them frequently at any moment. Try to start your preparation as early as possible. Some start their preparation from 11th. Never break your consistency, it is the main thing that will give you success in any examination.
Keep in mind that a good book can give your preparation a right direction. You can refer to these books:
• For basics, you can use NCERT books or any of your XI and XII maths books.
• You can follow RD Sharma, Cengage maths, ML Khanna to look at various types of examples.
• You can practice varieties questions from Arihant math books.
• Never forget to solve previous years’ question papers to get an overview of the exam.