Better book for mastering physics exam

Which is the better book for mastering IIT-JEE Physics exam: Fundamentals of Physics (1960 physics textbook) or H. C. Verma?

Both books are good. Most of the IIT JEE toppers follow the book H C Verma. You can easily grab all the concepts from H C Verma. Initially this book will help you to build your concepts. It will be easier to complete all the topics from the books. You will get sufficient examples, a good amount of problems, and exercise. It contains many directly formula based questions. But the concepts are not written deeply. To get a deep understanding of theories you have to use other books. However, theories are well explained in Fundamentals of Physics. But this book will be a little tough for beginners. H C Verma will be better than Fundamentals of Physics as it contains more application based questions and compact theory. Always make your own notes and solve previous years questions as much as possible