Book best for hee

  1. Which books would be good for JEE Maths?

Try to take advice from an experienced person or try to connect with JEE toppers. With their mentorship, it will become easy for you to enhance your preparation. A good book is necessary to crack the examination. When you are going to buy a book consider different factors such as the language of the book if it is understandable to you. Choose a book which contains lots of various kinds of examples. Do not go for a book just because of printing, well-known publishers, or colour pages. Must include previous years’ question papers for your JEE preparation. If you are planning to get admission to any coaching centre then try to practice your coaching materials. Some coaching Institutes provide study materials in a structured manner followed by previous years’ questions. You can refer to these books for your maths preparation:
• You can start with NCERT books or any of your 11th or 12th maths books. It will help you to clear your basics.
• You can refer to Arihant’s math books. It contains various types of questions.
• You can follow Cengage maths and ML Khanna for Advanced level questions. These books contain a good amount of different types of questions with examples.
• You can also follow RD Sharma to get lots of examples.
• Do not buy lots of books on same topic