Books that u can use for neet 2024 for better understanding of concepts and also for doing variety of questions

Books to be used for theory and numerical:

Chemistry: NCERT-most important. Other than that, for reference, use OP Tandon, MS Chouhan, Himanshu Pandey, Pradeeps, Morrison and Boyd, SN Sanyal etc. For Physical and Organic, you need to refer some books. In that too, NCERT will cover 80%+. Refer other books for that 20% left. Otherwise NCERT is brilliant for Chem.

BIO: Start with NCERT, . Then go ahead with previous year questions. You can also refer to Trueman’s for that little extra thing. 70-80 % NCERT will do. For that 20-30% extra, you need to refer to books like Truemans.

Physics: Start with SL Arora and HC Verma. Then go ahead with previous year Questions directly. Also you can skip doing some questions of HC Verma if NEET is your target as they are meant for Engineering only…

Practice from MTG Books(as they are best for Medical with best solutions and almost all the answers are correct):

MTG NEET Champion, NCERT at your fingertips, NEET Guide, MTG AIIMS Assertion and Reasons, MTG NEET 31 Years, MTG AIIMS 25 Years for all three subjects ! And if time permits, practice IIT JEE Mains questions too from Arihant 40 years (because many times questions repeat in Medical from IIT JEE).

No need to do any other book!! No modules etc needed after this. But as I said, you should feel confident after this. That should come from within. Till that comes, keep practicing questions.

Practice previous year questions MANY TIMES. Become perfect in them. Solve other people’s doubts. That will help you score better :slight_smile: (Whatever we give to the world comes back many times. Example: If you keep smiling, then people smile at you. That’s the law of nature. You give Soan Papdi in Diwali to people and Soan Papdi will only come back. World is nothing but a reflection of you. Whatever you start thinking, starts manifesting. So always be positive. Be Happy and Spread the knowledge and it will come back to you !)

People run after so many modules and crap test series (which are many times intentionally made tough by coaching institutes just to show off and students lose confidence after that. Just know one thing in life: Most important rule: WHATEVER YOU DO, WHATEVER HAPPENS, NEVER LOSE YOUR CONFIDENCE. Even if you fall, stand up again. And only those people fail, who try!). Instead you should focus on limited material and do it more number of times!! Many questions ask only basic concepts but a good clarity in them. Self study is definitely most important. But one thing I would like to say, even diamonds need to be polished to shine. So coaching brings that effect. If you have potential, a good coach can help you perform on that potential.

Note: don’t use so many resources. Stick to any one particular book of one subject and try to do it multiple times…
I always tell My mentees that kam Padho par baar baar padho………

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Ok… mujhe bhi neet 2024 first attempt m hi clear krna hai kaise hoga.:heart:

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It is very easy work hard ,be focused and kuch bhi karo uska tumhare pass javab hona chahiye ki mene ye kyu Kiya.

Mai na physics wallah join kya hai kya aap mujhe time manage kar na sakha sakta hai