Can anyone dropper student for NEET 2024 can be my partner?

I need a partner who is very serious about study and can help me in my preparation journey!!


I am looking for a partner who can guide me for neet 2024

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Looking for the same actually but didn’t found anyone serious :sob:

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Yess I also want a good study partner

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Same here dude but our studing habits must match to do so


Even i need a study and accountability partner who is really serious about cracking neet

Can i help you to start from zero@Harshit_singh

I can be a serious partner


This is my email id :

I want a partner with very serious perspective about NEET 2024

Yes, create a telegram group ,we all neet aspirants joined to study

Can u join me on telegram or whatsapp wherever u want. Actually I’m dropper and studying alone sometimes getting depressing day by day. I hope we can help each other… If u are also serious for 2024 msg me in insta @hikariwasp


Where are you from?

myself saksham yadav i am searching someone to study on meet muting mic and camera on we can do our respective tasks and discuss doubts before sleeping my target is neet 2024 - Telegram: Contact @Sakshamyadavhere