Can class 10 student prepare JEE?

Can class 10 students prepare for JEE?

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If you want to start your JEE preparation in class 10th. Then I would say that you are very lucky even to think about it. Most people start their JEE preparation from class 11th, two years are just enough to ace a good Rank in the IIT-JEE examination. So you’re lucky and Nothing can stop you from being in the Top 0.01 Percent Candidates(That means under 1000 rank :slight_smile:

Step1). Whilst being a 10th-class student, focus more on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of 10th only. Do not start studying stuff like Integration and differentiation even if someone says so.
You will get manipulated by a lot of people (just know this fact, people will waste your time by saying Do this and Do that please stay away from them and do what you think needs to be done. That’s it)
Step2). Focus more on Difficult Questions of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in class 10th only. Don’t see solutions even if you want to. Rather, ASK YOUR DOUBTS TO YOUR FRIENDS, TEACHERS but please do not see the solutions. Soon enough, You will know ‘’why?’’. Can an Average Student crack IIT? | My Preparation Story From Average Student to IIT - YouTube
Step3). Make a good friendship with a person Who is focused and motivated (It is very hard to find someone like that but if you do then it’s a plus:)
Step4). If you could complete your PCM syllabus before everyone. BINGO!!!Because now, it’s the Time when you need an Upgrade.
Start studying Chapter 1 of Physics class 11th. Watch video lectures before Reading NCERT and other books(if you do start reading any book without any teacher you might get demotivated because there’re so many things that you sure would not have heard and it is going to be your first time seeing them. So, Watch video lectures
first, make their notes then read that chapter from NCERT(I would say NCERT)).
Do not start chemistry and Mathematics even if you want to. Cause that might not be a good idea but it depends upon you at last.
The most important thing to remember is, Stay Focused and not get distracted by any Person, Games, Movies and Series, anime, Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Online battles, and Quarrels with friends over silly Topics throughout your whole journey. This could waste a lot of your time and most people your age get distracted by these and some of them Ruin their whole lives because of it.