Can I complete my IIT JEE syllabus in 45 daysS

Can I complete my IIT JEE syllabus in 45 days?

The simple answer is no you cannot complete the entire syllabus in just 45 days not even a month nor even half year, the perfect preparation takes at least a whole year because you’re competing with millions of students across India.
If you have been told by anyone on YouTube that you can do it then that person is giving you fake motivation and is only misleading you. To get the perfect guidance and mentorship you can enroll yourself in a IIT JEE mentorship program where the IIT JEE toppers will guide you

and share their experience and techniques so that you can include those techniques and right guidance throughout your preparation.
In the last one or two months you should focus only on solving MCQs and revising the concept regressively because that is only going to make your rank. If you are just a beginner then I will recommend you to take a membership program and get guided by the recent 2022 IIT JEE toppers.