Can I crack IIT JEE with 5-6 months of preparationS

Can I crack IIT JEE with 5-6 months of preparation?

Well this is all gonna depend on your willingness to get crack that exam cause i have seen my friend’s getting crazy for clearing JEE and even in the short span of time they cleared , that all basically depends on your power to give up things and focus. So enough with the pep talk let’s get to the important part that is your preparation.
I would strongly suggest you to go only for crash courses offered by institutes in your close vicinity or directly to your home like online

of course a great deal of time can be saved by this approach and in times like these time is really precious.
For institutes in your area close by it would be really difficult for me to comment but for online courses I would recommend you to join a good course from a good institute. It’s going to be very difficult as you will have to be very disciplined and time management plays a very big role here.
Even if you will not be able to crack it, don’t lose hope. In these 5-6 months you have learned so much and also gave the exam . Now you know how all things work therefore a drop will work perfectly fine. Take a mentorship program where you can get connected to recent JEE toppers and they will give you tips and tricks which will be beneficial for you throughout your preparation.