Can I Crack JEE if I start my preparation now?

I have fundamentally strong chapters to advance level chapters…But my coaching institute teaching is very bad,not fit for JEE and I have to go to College for the sake of attendance.I have practicals and stuff starting shortly…10 hours is going in college.I am not getting time for self study…Wht to do plz guide me???


As you are going through college probably you have gone through the JEE once in 12th so that your fundamentals are cleared of subjects, In my opinion JEE is the exam which demands your hold on 11th and 12th concepts very deeply which require PRACTICE ! PRACTICE ! and PRACTICE of more more and more Questions, Theory at this point can’t help you, So don’t waste time in theory or having coaching lectures if they are not good, what you can do is try more different variety questions try to solve them and find answers by your own ,ask more more doubts of any kind because shyness never takes a man to the moon.

So best of luck for your prep and problem solving.