Can i crack neet now?

I am currently scoring 250 marks in mock test and i don’t know what to do next, plz help me

Focus on revisions mainly now itself… It is necessary to do revisions. Because whenever you study that topic for the first time it’s like you are getting a simple idea of that topic but for appearing in exam you must revise it again and again…

Mainly biology, inorganic and organic chemistry they are the topics to learn so learn them and focus on the revision segment. As many revision as much your score increases in the exams

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hi usually the samething happens to me try to revise the concepts again and again dont lose ur hope and self confidence never doubt urself for anything you can do it try to revise concepts again and again practice more sums in physical chemistry and in physics use ncert fimgertips or try to solve PYQ’s it will help you in many ways . hear motivational songs and speech dont waste time use the given time wisely.
thank you.

First of all you should clear your all concepts.then solve previous year question papers.

Firstly u have to clear all concepts mainly focus on basics. Revise syallabus as u can focus more on theory part because most of questions come from theory. Then solve previous year questions atleast past 10years and atleast for 3-4 times before NEET. Try to score max in biology portion as it is completely theoretical and easy to score. Also change ur paper attending pattern. Read question carefully and all options also, underline to imp part that which is asked in question and focus on it. Try to attempt paper in 3 parts firstly very easy or easy questions 2nd moderate or hard and thirdly very hard if time available. U can do it very easily. All the best👍

Follow proper schedule
Well let me tell u first …dont get demotivated ,depressed by just seeing ur mock test score…coz in mock test questions are little difficult than neet …coz mock test of any test series whether it is allen or aakash …it prepare mock test question on taking an assumption that neet cannot make difficult question than this…

So whatever marks u r scoring u get +50 to +100 marks more in neet …

So what u have to do increase ur marks -

1)For Biology -i)REVISE NCERT EACH LINE PLZZZZZ DONT IGNORE THIS OTHERWISE U WILL REGRET AFTER GIVING XAM…revise more and more as much u can…so that u get full confidence …coz there is high chances of getting confuse in xam hall after seeing twins like option…so plzzzz revise this …with full concentration

ii) Revise question from that book which u have solved whole year

iii)Don’t study or try to solve any new book PLZZZZZZZ

  1. CHEMISTRY - i)REVISE QUESTION AND SOLVE MORE AND MORE only that question which u have marked difficult during ur preparation time which u did whole year

ii) Try to make physical and organic strong …coz this two only hold 75% question in chemistry

iii) For organic follow ur class notes and revise question and if u get some time then plzzz give little on reaction and mechanism given in ncert

iv) for inorganic plzzzz follow ncert

  1. Physics - plzzzz solve that book only which u solved whole year plzzzz don’t try to solve any thing new

  2. guys its a time to do revision …so whatever u studied just revise …coz due to lack of revision u do silly mistake …

  3. And plzzzz see all that question which u r doing wrong in mock test …

Learn from ur mistake …plzzz don’t ignore all that mistake which u do in mock test plzzzzz

These are the tips which u follow u can score good marks

A the best …guys nd if u find useful …then plzzz Upvote and share …so that it reach to all aspirant …

Revise the topic in which your mistakes comes and do practice previous years question it may help you alots :fire::fire::+1:t2:

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